10 Things Not To Do When Making An Elevator Pitch

Stick to a system

Jennifer Read, Director of Career Services for The Art Institute of Chicago, told The Grindstone it is helpful to have an outline with points you want to hit during the speech. She suggested creating an outline:

  • Introduction
  • Define the product or what you have to offer.
  • Explain the Why- Why does this info matter to them? How does it benefit them? How could it solve a problem for them?
  •  Thank you and future plans- Thank them for their time, make sure you have each other’s contact info, and set an expectation that you will follow-up in a specific time frame.
  • Practice! Refine your elevator speech so that you are comfortable with the information and the presentation in any setting. You never know when that right contact is going to happen, so practice so you can put your best foot forward whether it is in a business meeting or at your kid’s soccer game.
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