10 Things Not To Do When Making An Elevator Pitch

Make sure the pitch doesn’t sound forced

Ken Collis, President of TLK Fusion, a Hollywood marketing and distribution firm, said, “Allow your pitch to be organic, if it’s forced don’t do it.”

Career coach Lisa McDonald told The Grindstone, ” To sell your speech you have to believe in it.  You have to take a step back and evaluate what value you provide, what problems you solve and how you help others.  When you start to focus on these items you begin to get excited about what you do and that enthusiasm comes across when speaking to others. It should never be canned or exactly the same each time.  Allow yourself the freedom to adlib and modify on the spot depending upon the situation.  If I am at a round table networking situation I often listen to others to see where a pain point might be and then address it directly during my speech.  It builds rapport, engagement and demonstrates that I am actively listening to others.”

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