7 Ways To Royally Screw Up A Job Interview

Tony Morrison is the Vice President of Business Development at Cachinko, a unique professional community where social networking and job opportunities come together. His roles include sales, marketing, and business development. He is passionate about building B2B and B2C client relationships and brings this passion to Cachinko where he focuses on helping job seekers to find their ideal job and employers to find, attract, and engage their next rock star candidates. 

Visit Google sometime and type in “interview tips.” In less than quarter of a second, you’ll have 187,000,000 articles, posts, and pages filled with advice on how to ace your next interview, tips for job search and career success, and other helpful hints.

It’s been done before, so there’s no reason for me to write 187,000,001st article on the subject.

While there are plenty of ways to ace your next interview, there are also a slew of ways to expertly mess it up. I’ve compiled a list of ways to fantastically mess up an interview. Keep these 7 tips in mind before your next interview:

Source: A Hire Calling (http://s.tt/15lma)

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