So Now Sarah Jessica Parker Is Going To Play Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem

Sarah Jessica Parker is now going to play feminist icon Gloria Steinem in the new Linda Lovelace biopic. Parker is replacing the originally cast Demi Moore, according to Entertainment Weekly. From EW: “Moore stunned the production by dropping out of the film Tuesday, after she suffered a collapse and was rushed to the hospital. A rep for the 49-year-old actress said she had decided to “seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.”

Parker seems like a bit of an odd choice for the role, but she usually does a good job with most roles. The only thing Demi Moore had going for her was that she looked slightly like Steinem . Steinem, arguably the founder of the feminist movement and founder of Ms Magazine and worked undercover as an official Bunny at the New York City Playboy Club  in 1963 in order to write a major exposé of the scene. She is a pivotal part of the Linda Lovelace story because Steinem criticized adult entertainment and wrote the 1972 profile, “The Real Linda Lovelace,” in which she detailed how Lovelace was forced into the industry. In the profile, Steinem wrote that “the myth that Lovelace loved to be sexually used and humiliated was created by her husband” and that, among other things, Deep Throat producer and Lovelace’s husband, Charles Traynor, held Lovelace captive, forced her into prostitution and threatened her at gunpoint.

Though Parker doesn’t have much time to prepare, hopefully she will be able to fit in some research on the feminist icon. She should try the new HBO documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words. In an article for The Huffington Poston the documentary Sheryl Sandberg , a feminist icon in her own right, wrote, “As I watched her evolve from a journalist forced to cover patterned pantyhose to an activist demanding equality for women, the simple truth struck me over and over again: my life is better because of Gloria Steinem.”

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