12 Women We Wish Were Our Mentors

Guess what? It’s National Mentoring Month. I bet you didn’t know that but that’s okay. It is our job to remind you. But we should all take the time to find a mentor or look for someone to mentor because we forget how tremendously important they are in our careers. Countless studies have shown that being a mentor is essential for career advancement. Catalyst Director Heather Foust-Cummings says a good mentor needs to “make sure that you get the visibility that you need. They really have their skin in the game and are willing to ride their reputation with yours.” According to a recent survey by Marie Claire, 66% of women said that mentoring and networking events are important for furthering their career. But though you may like you are being this great selfless person by helping someone lower than you on the career ladder, you are actually giving your career a little boost as well. According to Lisa Quast, a contributor for Forbes,working with a mentee is in some ways like taking Business 101. You may go back and learn about things you were unaware of. It also gives you an opportunity to see how people look at you in the company because you get to see it through the mentee’s eyes. Plus you are growing your network by connecting with another person, even if it is someone less experienced. It can also help you solve problems because you may be looking at them from a different angle.

Basically it is a win-win to be a mentor. We decided to come up with our ideal list of who we would pick to be our mentors.


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