10 Ways To Feel More Successful In Your Career


Get out of your comfort zone

Nicole Witt, Executive Director The Adoption Consultancy, told The Grindstone request a challenging work assignment that takes you out of your comfort zone.  Choose one that will enable you to interact with new people and departments.  “You never know who you might meet or what new interest you may discover.  At a minimum, you get to showcase a skill set that others maybe don’t realize you have. ” She also suggested volunteering to take on a special project within the company — such as running the blood drive.

Career expert Mark Anthony Dyson says, “If your current gig is boring, do you need a larger platform? Perhaps you’re ready to accept a position that will draw a larger audience, or a riskier ground-breaking project.  Ask your immediate supervisor for more responsibility if possible. It may show where you really stand, so be ready for feedback (not always the positive kind).”

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    • J

      I keep a running log of all my accomplishments at work, mainly so at my annual review I can speak to them. This has turned into a great thing to look at on a bad day, feeling like a failure, etc. I pull it out, review all my successes, and it keeps it all in perspective.

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    • Cathlyn Park

      I like the item “being in the moment”. Lots of people think and dream of the future, but do not do anything “in the moment” to achieve that. I guess, I myself am guilty of this, and it is a big wake-up call really. You guys might also want to check out this list: http://smallbusiness.printplace.com/2012/11/15/corporate-success-101/ , this time it is for more of a corporate settings in terms of success. It has some pretty useful tips and concepts.