10 Things We Did Before Facebook

Facebook is expected to announce the details of its IPO as early as today. This is obviously a huge deal as the IPO is expected to raise as much as $10 billion, with the company itself being valued between $75 billion and $100 billion. This will change Facebook  in that it will have to publicly release financial information, so we’ll be able to see how much the company is actually making, how much the executives earn, and what its biggest sources of revenue are, among other things. Plus, this will make Sheryl Sandberg possibly the richest self-made woman ever. But for us as users, things will probably stay the same. Though, as a result of this, more people will probably join.

But, with all this talk about the Facebook IPO, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if Facebook had never been created. The world would be a very different place in big Thomas Friedman, “The World is Flat,” type ways but on a personal level, how would our lives be different without Facebook? Here are 10 things we did before Facebook.


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