Grindstone Readers Feel Pressure To Talk About The Super Bowl At Work, But They Love It!

On Monday we asked our readers if they felt pressure to talk about the Super Bowl in order to get closer to their colleagues at work and have better office camraderie. Well, the results are in and 60% of those who took the survey said they did feel pressure to talk about it but it was a good thing because they love football. Twenty percent said they felt absolutely no pressure to talk about it and another 20% said they felt a lot of pressure and had to learn about it in order to get along at work. So it looks like the Super Bowl is a good thing for the ladies!

One savvy commenter, Jen Mueller, had some very wise advice: “Think of the Super Bowl as a great opportunity to talk to your coworkers about something other than work. No one wants to talk ‘shop’ 24/7 but if you’re going to get to know your coworkers or want them to get to know you, you’ve got to get the conversation rolling. Super Bowl conversations don’t have to center around the game itself, pick a different angle.” Way to use the Super Bowl as a career advantage!

Photo: FX’s The League

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