Is Fantasy Football The New Golf In Business?

Golf is really old and has a lot of societal connotations. Some historians trace golf back to a Roman game called paganica. We are talking between roughly a.d. 43 until 410. While fantasy football can be traced all the way back to….1962. For certain old school businessmen and women, can fantasy football compare? Can you really bond with clients by talking about fantasy football?

Ben Smith, who runs a digital strategy firm called Chancebending Media in Los Angeles that works with many of the top networks and studios, said he absolutely uses FTFL to socialize with clients.

“In my office, I tell our employees to ask our clients about their Monday Night Football fantasy football match-ups. We know that our clients are fantasy football maniacs.”

So FTFL is becoming an established bonding tool in the business world. But just as golf can sometimes exclude women, is FTFL on that path too? Well, like golf, women have to go out there and just do it, though they should know there can be a steep learning curve.  But it is another way of getting in their with the boys at work. And if you are a football fan, which over half of Grindstone readers are, then this is enjoyable. In an interview with the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Kristen Crowell said though she watches 10 or 12 hours of football every weekend, when she tried to jump into the world of fantasy football leagues, she was greeted with a no-women-allowed sign. “My comment at the time was I could . . . belch just like the rest of them,” the 32-year-old Waukesha resident recalled. “But they told me I couldn’t (join) because I was a girl.” Eventually she found more friendly leagues and she dominated. “There’s something about whupping the boys that’s appealing to me,” Crowell said.

But fantasy football can be empowering women in other ways too. Many women are passionate about playing fantasy football, a game that puts you in the position of “owning” your own National Football League team. You are completely in charge and calling all the shots. It’s a great way to practice having tons of power and responsibility. Plus, Tom Brady has a way better ass than anyone in golf. And both men and women can get on board with that.



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