8 Awesome Office Pranks To Play On Your Co-Workers

Great co-workers need a little humor to spice up their workday, especially in a stuffy office setting. And that’s why I think that we can all take a page out of the Clooney-Pitt “How To Be An Awesome Co-Worker Handbook.” Tales of the heart throbs practical jokes have spread through gossip mags far and wide. Apparently, these two are just hysterical. Because why wouldn’t two ridiculously handsome individuals have great senses of humor as well?

Anyways, Brad Pitt recently spilled that he started the whole prankster showdown on the set of Ocean’s 12. The movie star sent an official memo to the Italian crew asking that they refrain from speaking to or even looking at George Clooney, who apparently loves schmoozing with everyone on set. He went so far as to say, “If you do need to address Mr. Clooney, please refer to him only as ‘Daniel’ or ‘Mr. Ocean’.” It lasted for weeks until poor George finally figured out what was wrong and started conversing with the crew. George has sworn revenge of course, saying that he has a prank to ruin Pitt’s career. Serious stuff indeed.

While I wouldn’t suggest permanently scarring anyone, it definitely sounds like these two buddies have an amazing time at work. Who doesn’t like a little friendly rivalry and shenanigans? So here’s some basic office pranks that could liven up your business. Why wait til April Fools Day when everyone is expecting it?

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