5 Opposing Political Couples That Make It Work

“She is a fierce conservative from Illinois. He is a pugnacious liberal from the backwoods of Louisiana, with an accent as southern as molasses over grits. And on the Sunday morning talk shows they trade gibes, insults and putdowns. But when they leave Washington, D.C., for neutral ground—a four- story town house overlooking the Potomac River in nearby Alexandria, Virginia—Mary Matalin and James Carville lay down their arms, forget politics and become as affectionate as Ozzie and Harriet. In laid-back Alexandria they are known not as America’s most famous warring couple but as the owners of a house with interiors so red and bright that, at night, it resembles a jolly, giant jack-o’-lantern.”-Gerald Clarke for Architectural Digest

Can couples truly have successful relationships if they are on opposite sides of an issue as fundamental as politics? Perhaps have opposing viewpoints brings more passion into a relationship. That has got to at least be a part of it. Or maybe these people just keep their jobs out of the bedroom. And the kitchen. And the whole house. But these professionals have made it work in their personal lives so as part of Office Romance Week for The Grindstone let’s see what we can learn from them. Here are 5 opposing political couples that make it work.


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