The Afternoon Grind: Pushing Your Limits to Reach Goals

• Some advice for young people. (The Hairpin)

• Fragrances to fit your personality. (Divine Caroline)

• Get this Jayma Mays’ inspired look. (Budget Babe)

•Why are some women turned on with Chris Brown beating Rihanna? (Double X)

• The most annoying Facebook photos. (The Stir)

• Tips for pushing your limits to reach goals. (Women 2.0)

• Judy Blume is a Twitter maven. (HuffPost Women)

• What do you stand for? (YourTango)

• How to woo a startup. (Daily Muse)

• A look back at Whitney Houston’s fashion evolution. (The Frisky)

• Superfoods to give you a whiter smile. (YouBeauty)

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