• Tue, Feb 14 2012

10 Non-Awkward Ways To Exit A Conversation When Networking

It has happened to the best of us. You are at a cocktail party of conference doing a great job of networking and then you hit a wall. You find yourself talking to a person that is a good contact but won’t stop talking or they are so boring and not helpful to you at all. The worst part is you can’t figure out how to remove yourself from this sinking ship without sounding like an awkward fool. The exit strategy  is extremely important and a big part of networking. Author and CEO of Tame Your Tot Lynn Taylor said:

“Your time is all you have in business and life. Make it count. Also, the business world is small, especially within your industry and within your community. And when your working a room, the world shrinks even more. Being unkind to a fellow business professional may result in a less than stellar remark about you to a prospective invaluable contact. Conversely, being courteous and handling your exit well might turn that “dead end” conversation into a lead; the seemingly unhelpful person could introduce you to an great contact.”

We talked to some more career experts on the most non-awkward ways to exit a conversation when networking. Good luck!


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