• Tue, Feb 14 2012

10 Non-Awkward Ways To Exit A Conversation When Networking

Stay Relaxed

Career expert Roshini Rajkumar  says if you stay relaxed for the exit, your lines should come off smoothly. “And don’t feel you have to give them a reason for leaving the conversation. You certainly can, such as wanting to check out the buffet, wanting to get a drink, saying hello to a former colleague. But the key to the exit is to relax,” he said.

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  • Cubicle Rebel

    Gosh, no offense but I’ve run into several Mary Kay consultants who just wouldn’t let me leave! I did everything I knew to do: look at my watch until my eyes watered, say I needed to use the bathroom, was running late to pick up kids I don’t have…And still, they yakked and yakked.

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