Advice For The Woman Who Has Dated Everyone In The Office

Office romances used to be totally taboo, but now they’re practically commonplace: A recent survey found that 38% of workers have dated a co-worker at some point. But then there are the people that have dated more than one — or even more than three or four — coworkers in the same office. Hey, it happens! But what should you do if you’re worried about being more known for your dating habits than your work? Here are a few pieces of advice if you discover you’ve (practically) dated the whole office.

1. Don’t go public with your newest relationship until you’re reasonably confident it’s going be serious. Many single people date a lot. The wise ones dish about every date or hookup with their friends, but don’t announce it to the world until it’s more serious. Paul Falzone, the CEO of the matchmaking service eLove, says that workplace serial daters “have a tendency to share a lot of information about those they date, accurate or not.” Defy that stereotype.

2. Handle gossip with aplomb. When people find out about a new office relationship — whether it’s your first or your fourth — they’re bound to talk about it. Respond to the whispers cheerfully, not defensively.

3. Widen your circle. If you find yourself dating only guys from work, it may be time to expand your pool of options. Let friends set you up, check out OK Cupid, flirt with that guy in the coffee shop…anything to mix it up before you work your way down to Steve the copy-boy.

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