Amanda Knox Is Starting Her Career Off With A $4 Million Book Deal

Not a bad way to start at all. Amanda Knox has agreed to a nearly $4 million book deal about her trial and imprisonment in Italy for the murder of her British roommate. The 24 year old signed the deal with HarperCollins and the still-untitled book is due out in early 2013. Knox is showing great career strategy by taking time before she wrote the book for the hype to die down and selecting a powerhouse of a negotiator with Robert Barnett, a lawyer who did book deals for the Clintons, George W. Bush and Barack Obama as well as a top-notch publishing house.

As Lee Kamlet  dean of the school of communications at Quinnipiac University and a former ABC News executive, said back in October,“Her story has all the makings of a top-selling book and a made-for-TV movie.” ”Knox will give a full and unflinching account of the events that led to her arrest in Perugia and her struggles with the complexities of the Italian judicial system,” HarperCollins said in a statement. The book deal will be welcomed by the Knox family, who estimated more than a year ago that they had spent $1 million in legal fees and travel costs to defend and support their daughter. In case you have been living under a really big rock, Knox, 24, was convicted in December 2009 of the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher when they were both studying in Italy. She spent four years in an Italian prison before she was acquitted when forensic experts disputed some of the DNA evidence used to convict Knox and co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito, her Italian boyfriend. When she was in jail her life became the subject of several books and a movie.

I believe Amanda Knox has been handling her post-prison career strategy and new found fame beautifully. She is going the way of the amazing Jaycee Dugard and stayed quiet for a while before writing a book. It has not been reported or confirmed that Amanda will be doing a television interview yet but my guess is it will be closer to the release of the book, though she was one of Barbara Walters’ most fascinating people of 2011. If her celebrity status gets too big it will be difficult for her to ever get a real job. “This talk that Amanda will do Dancing With The Stars or become some reality TV star, it’s totally at odds with who she is. She’s a very bright girl, and quite serious. So you will see her do some immediate press, and then disappear for a couple of months. In the longer term, she wants to go back to university,” said Candace Dempsey, the author of a book, Murder In Italy, back in October.

There is no doubt that the book will be a best seller, even though The New York Times thinks it could be a risk for publishers as not everyone looks at Knox as a victim of injustice. But won’t those people still want to read it? Even those who aren’t on her side can still see that the story is incredible and Amanda herself has become an object of fascination by the public. Since she went on trial her image in the media has evolved a lot. “Now, this didn’t happen overnight, but her image has been airbrushed over the past several years, and now she is the all-American girl who is presented as some conventional young lady abroad who was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Gerald L. Shargel, a lawyer who was not involved with the case but who has represented other high-profile clients. She is much more relatable than Casey Anthony and Dugard, which will help her a lot.

In recent Knox news, Italian prosecutors have filed papers to overturn the ruling that freed her. Prosecutor Giovanni Galati said this week that he is “very convinced” that Knox and Sollecito are guilty. But the Knox family said they’re not worried about a decision by Italian prosecutors to appeal.

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