Sex And The City Creator Candace Bushnell Is Being Sued By Her Former Manager/Best Friend

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Stanford (Willie Garson) on the TV show Sex & the City.

Carrie: Oh God I love “Sleeping Beauty”! The music, the sets, the costumes! It’s so romantic! (She twirls around and imitates a ballerina)
Stanford: You only like it because she gets to sleep for a hundred years and she doesn’t age.

Don’t you hate it when you write a book about your life in New York that includes a character based on your fabulous gay best friend and it gets turned into an amazingly popular TV show and so-so movie series and then your gay best friend sues you for not getting enough money from the royalties? So annoying. If this plot line had actually been part of the sequel, it may have been better. According to The Daily Mail,  Sex & The City creator Candace Bushnell is being sued by her former friend and manager for $150,000 of the royalties from the TV series and films. Clifford Streit, who was the inspiration for the show’s flamboyant gay character Stanford Blatch, is claiming he has not been paid all of the 7.5%  slice he is owed. He claims that given the success of the franchise, he is due at least another $150,000 for kick starting Bushnell’s career. Streit also claims that he was instrumental in getting the deal with U.S. TV network HBO to get Sex & The City made in the first place. It is especially sad because the two used to be so close. Think of the great friendship between Carrie and Stanford.

Unlike the show though, Candace and Clifford’s relationship changed the minute her career took off. Bushnell fired him in 1999, the year the show was first aired in the U.S. Streit claimed that when it ‘got big’ he was dropped and first sued in 2005 claiming 10% of everything that Bushnell earned. The pair eventually settled on 7.5%. Now Streit alleges Bushnell is not honouring the agreement, especially as the second Sex & The City film made more than $310million at the box office. Bushnell’s lawyer Victor Bushell said he has yet to see the lawsuit but told the New York Post that it had no merit.

When friends mix business and pleasure it always tricky. And this is an example where money and a woman’s success destroyed a great friendship.But don’t worry about Candace Bushnell losing money. The Carrie Diaries her series based on Carrie Bradshaw’s life as a teenager is being turned into a TV series on the CW and has already been cast. Whether we will meet a young Stanford is still up for question? At least Bushnell and Streit will always get to see a perfect and hilarious version of their relationship protected on television and in film forever.

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