7 Reasons I Love Working On Presidents Day

President's DayHappy Presidents Day! That’s right, just in case you didn’t try to stop at the bank this morning, let me be the first to remind you that it’s a national holiday today. We’re honoring our forefathers and their contribution to building our country. Kids are home from school and TVs are 40% off. It’s a great day.

Unfortunately, lots of us don’t receive a day off to celebrate this special occasion. Some, myself included, are expected to toil away in the office whether it’s the third Monday in February or not.

However, I’m not sure so that working on Presidents Day is a bad thing. I will admit that my daughter’s daycare doesn’t close for the holiday, so I’m not stuck in the position of trying to pawn my little one off on my parents for the day. But even if my little one had to spend the day with her MiMi instead of her Nanny, I’m pretty sure that I would still enjoy honoring Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln from the comfort of my ergonomically-awesome office chair.

Here’s a few reasons that I enjoy working on Presidents Day. Let me know if I missed anything.

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