• Tue, Feb 21 2012

Learn How To Change Careers, With Some Help From TheGrindstone

Deciding to change careers is no small thing. This is not a movie where you will have a delightful soundtrack to accompany you as one day you are working at a hedge fund and the next day you’re baking cupcakes out of your kitchen for a living. Not that you shouldn’t do it, but the simple desire to make a change is not all it takes. Planning and a lot of other considerations have to be factored in. As TheGrindstone’s Editor At Large, career expert and author Debra Shigley said in an interview with The Today Show, “Many people get to that point in their lives and they feel an incredible urge to do something and not have any regrets.” She also noted that you not only need the passion to change careers as well as some money, but the skills and talent as well. That is the only way you can have a thriving business.

You shouldn’t just change careers because you are feeling overworked or under-appreciated in your current job. A major job change is not automatically a solution. It is a life-changing move and that is why TheGrindstone has launched  Career Connect. Career Connect is an interactive speaker series that will connect you right to the experts through hour-long seminars that you can participate in during your lunch break, or watch afterwards in your free time. The sessions will offer practical advice and firsthand knowledge from career professionals and other professional women.

And guess what the first topic is? Career transitions! We’ve recruited some great speakers to kick off this interesting and important discussion, and we’re launching this three-part series on Thursday, March 1. Career experts Lisa McDonald, and LinkedIn’s Nicole Williams as well as NurturMe founders Caroline Freeman and Lauren McCullough, entrepreneurs who have made a successful career transition, will each be speaking and available to take your questions during one-hour seminars over three weeks. Can’t take an hour in the middle of the day to participate? You can purchase access to sessions and rewatch them as many times as you want after they air. Each session is only $10, or you can purchase all three for $20. Sign up now for great advice on how to change careers from women in-the-know.

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