Hospital Says Only “TV-Hot” Nurses Need Apply

It turns out that “sexy Swedish nurse” is a real job description. A hospital in Sweden is advertising for summer nursing staff by saying candidates must be “TV series-hot.” And they don’t mean Nurse Jackie.

According to the Daily Mail, the ad reads:

You will be motivated, professional, and have a sense of humour. And of course, you will be TV series-hot or a Söder hipster. Throw in a nurse’s education and you are welcome to seek a summer job at Södersjukhuset’s emergency department.

Speaking of senses of humor, it’s actually a bit funny that they ask for “TV series-hot” rather than shooting for “movie-star hot.” It’s a strange bit of realism in the middle of an otherwise outrageous item.

Unsurprisingly, the hospital is now backpedaling, and it says it was all in good fun. “We wanted to stick out a bit with our advertising campaign,” nursing manager Jörgen Andersson said. “We managed to do that. We think that people understand that it was written to catch people’s attention.” Andersson says applicants do not need to attach photos, and looks are not at all a criteria for hiring. Would that reassure you if you were a competent but not tv-hot nurse looking for a job in Sweden? How about if you were getting ready for surgery there and your nurse was super-hot — would you worry these tv hot nurses were less than qualified?

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