The Afternoon Grind: How To Ask For A Raise

• How to ask for a raise (you deserve it) (The Hairpin)

• Ignore those sexist advertisements — this is what real working women look like (HuffPost Women)

• Smart advice for Mexico’s first female presidential candidate, Josefina Vázquez Mota (Double X)

• Is Victoria Beckham just like any other working mom? (YourTango)

• In response to the government’s desire to legislate women’s reproductive rights, this state representative wants to ban vasectomies. (The Frisky)

• 4 ways to beat the blues as a solo entrepreneur (Women 2.0)

• New ways to wear an old suit (Daily Muse)

• How to secure a grant for your business (Divine Caroline)

• Seriously weird Craigslist ads (The Stir)

• Nail looks for fall 2012 (Budget Babe)

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