Pimp Your Resume With Help From Executive Coach Lisa McDonald

Spending an hour with a career expert can cost you up to $1,000 for a session. But TheGrindstone is trying to provide you with tailored advice for only $10 an hour, with TheGrindstone’s Career Connect interactive seminars. During the first session, career expert Lisa McDonald will teach you how to pimp your resume to get the job of your dreams.

McDonald owns Career Polish Inc., where she serves as career coach and “transition strategist.”

According to her, people are changing careers nowadays more than ever. But they often do it for the wrong reasons.

“From my experience the two driving factors for major changes are desperation (to secure a position) or assuming an attitude of ‘it’s not that great out there anyway so why not go for something I really want.’”

But there are other motivating factors that are more important in changing jobs. “You must be willing to be honest with yourself as to why you want to change, as well as what you have to offer,” she explained.

McDonald expertly prepares her clients for all aspects of career transition, partly because she has been through it herself. She was a manager with McDonald Investments and Merrill Lynch before leaving to start her own business as a career coach. We asked her about her big career move. She tells TheGrindstone:

“I made a huge transition!  For almost a decade I was in the financial industry and I absolutely loved it, never thought I would be doing anything else; it was my home. Two factors prompted me to change. The first was I hated my last job – I had taken a position that was so far removed from what I loved about the industry that I was miserable; however, I gave everything I could to that position – which was recruiting. From that I discovered my passion for helping others during their period of transition.”

A Certified Professional Resume Writer, McDonald has worked with a wide range of clients, including independent business owners, C-Level executives, athletes, management, college students, ex-offenders and career changers. She has spoken to networking groups, professional associations and corporate clients, speaking on networking, effective elevator pitches, body language in the business world, resumes and interviewing.

And while she personally was willing to stay in a less than fulfilling job for awhile, she finally realized that life was too short for a bad job:

“I lost my father, brother and grandmother all within several months of each other almost 20 years ago and almost lost one of my best friends to cancer about 10 years ago. I have a keen appreciation of the gifts in my life and second chances and these losses and success gave me courage to face fears like I never had before. When I realized my health was being affected by what I was doing but I discovered a passion similar to what I had when I originally began in finance, I realized it was my sign to go for it – and I’ve never looked back!”

But in McDonald’s chat on March 1, which kicks off our new Career Connect interactive seminar series, she will discuss how to make sure you aren’t making this major life change simply because you don’t like your current job.

“Too often people just want a change and make a leap too quickly only to find out that the grass may be greener on the other side, but they use a lot more fertilizer to get it that way.”

McDonald has been an excellent resource for TheGrindstone on how to improve your resume, negotiate for promotions and effectively communicate with current and potential managers. And now she will is available to help advise you on major career strategies. But she’s not alone. After McDonald’s session on March 1, we’ll be welcoming LinkedIn Connection Director Nicole Williams (March 8) and NurturMe founders Caroline Freedman and Lauren McCullough, entrepreneurs who have made a successful career transition themselves (March 15). These women will each be speaking  during one-hour seminars at 12:30 p.m. EST over three weeks.

If you can’t take an hour in the middle of the day to participate, you can purchase access to the sessions and rewatch them at your leisure. Each session is only $10, or you can purchase all three for $20. Sign up now for great advice on how to change careers from women in-the-know.

And make sure to let us know what questions you’d like addressed in the sessions. Email any of your questions to career(at)thegrindstone.com.

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