When It Comes To Social Media, Women Do It Better

When establishing a new company or brand, the business plan is very different than it was a decade ago. Before, companies needed an extensive marketing plan to get their name out to consumers. Now, all the TV spots in the world won’t save you without a serious online presence. Social media is the marketing of the future.

It’s such an efficient want to reach out to customers, even established companies like Anheuser-Busch InBev who are slashing their overall advertising budgets are increasing their digital media teams. They’re more worried about Facebook than a sporting events sponsorship. Social media is officially a part of business.

And when it comes to social media, studies are proving that women do it better.

Across a number of different markers, the business world is learning that females are more adept and professional with the likes of Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. Take a look at all the evidence:

    • Pew Research Center found that women are more likely to utilize Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace privacy settings. A full two-thirds of ladies have completely private profiles, compared with less than half of men. This cautiousness allows ladies to manage their reputations online. And, as anyone who has navigated the Facebook settings can attest to, it also shows a basic understanding of the social media systems and how to utilize them.
    • Women manage their connections more than men. When it comes to defriending, we’re more likely to cull that list of contacts on a regular basis. 67% of females say that they delete friends, compared to 58% of males.
    • Ladies are less likely to post something they will later regret. In numbers I find surprisingly low, 18% of men wished they hadn’t posted those party pictures (or something else inflammatory or embarrassing), compared to just 8% of women. Apparently, people are reading STFU, Parents. If they were, a lot more people might realize that they should probably regret posting those disturbing pictures of their child’s dirty diapers.

In their personal lives, women are proving more adept at managing an important new business medium. “Mommyblogs,” whether you consider them business ventures or not, are nothing if not new media savvy. They run their Twitter accounts with surprising efficiency and collect followers as if they were celebrities. And in their spheres, they are.

Women’s mastery of social media can only be an asset to them in the business world. As the public relations industry increases its reliance on social media consultants to continuously update business Twitter and Facebook accounts, these socially adept women might be making careers out of their Facebook know-how.

Perhaps the best news of all, next time your boss catches you updating your status or posting a new album, you can tell them that you’re just honing your social media skills. After all, it’s becoming an ever-important aspect of business.

(Photo: HeartCoreWomen)

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