Could Emma Stone’s Oscar Moment Have Leveraged Her Career?

This was not the best Oscars ever. Billy Crystal was great but the lousy sound killed a lot of his jokes. The awards were predictable except for Best Actress and not that many people seemed very invested in Best Picture winner The Artist. Heck people were so bored with it Twitter actually created an alternate fake Oscars with things they actually wanted to see (producers take note for next year.) But amidst the endless montages (was one just a montage of good movies? Did it even have a theme) and Martin Scorcese jokes, there was one bright glimmer. Emma Stone, who has had a tremendous career year with three films including The Help, stole the show when she presented and reminded all of Hollywood that she is gosh darn charming and talented. Emma Stone managed to leverage her career in less than a few minutes. She may have even put  herself on the list as possible Oscar host.

Emma presented the award for Best Visual Effects with Ben Stiller. Stiller decided to play the straight man to Emma’s giddy first-time presenter persona. Now this could have been horribly unfunny. But because of Emma’s talent and full commitment to schtick (complete with singing and trying to get a subdued Jonah Hill to dance) it worked beautifully.”This is my first time presenting,” she said with beauty pageant arm gestures and a megawatt smile. “Wait, wait, let’s stop rushing. We should have some banter. Where you act cocky and I shut you down and you say I look pretty and I say ‘no chance funny boy’!” You can watch the clip in full here. Though Emma was good in The Help, a drama, she should do more comedy because she is so good at it. She makes it look completely effortless unlike say Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz who had that awkward butt turn and then yelled at the audience for not applauding their derrieres or even Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow in whatever that weird thing was that they did. Even the Bridesmaids cast seemed a little forced.

It is also great to see Emma getting so much attention for this because though she starred in the nominated The Help no one has said a word about her performance on the awards circuit as her co-stars took all the accolades. But as far as Oscar presenters go, in my opinion, Emma takes the cake (best speech belongs to the ever classy Christopher Plummer.) And her peers found her quite funny as well. According to MetroMix, Oscar telecast producer Brian Grazer told Stone after she presented that the Bridesmaids cast has been watching her from a side room and laughing hysterically.”They were just digging you,” Grazer says. “Thank you,” she replies. “That was seriously one of the greatest moments ever.” Earlier today we

Emma was so good some blogs are even asking for her to be host next year. Of course, this also happened to Anna Hathaway when she was a presenter in 2010 and then hosted last year to not the best reviews so Emma may want to be careful if the opportunity is presented. Not that Anne’s career is damaged in anyway, she just probably won’t be hosting things any time soon. Emma’s career is already skyrocketing but last night’s performance may have put her on a whole different level. This is proof that you can help your career in a very short amount of time if you believe you can and put in full commitment. And a fabulous red dress doesn’t hurt.


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    • Ellie

      Last year was not Anne Hathaway’s fault. I think she was fun. But it’s hard to co-host with the cardboard cutout that was on the stage with her.