Meryl Streep Joins An Exclusive Oscar Club With Her Win

Meryl Streep took home the gold last night for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the film The Iron Lady. This marks the third win for the actress and a career milestone for the most nominated actor in the history of the Academy Awards. It had been 19 years and 13 nominations since her last win, for 1982′s Sophie’s Choice, but Meryl is now in the exclusive and very small three-time Oscar winner club. It includes Jack Nicholson, Ingrid Bergman and Walter Brennan all earned three, while Katharine Hepburn won four.

Though her win may have been considered an upset by some as The Help’s Viola Davis had won the SAG Award, it was a wonderful moment. She even said, “When they called my name, I had this feeling I could hear half of America go, ‘Oh, no, why her again?’ But whatever,” Streep said, laughing. And Meryl’s heartfelt speech to pretty much anyone she has ever worked in the industry with was also quite touching. It shows that this is a woman who really loves her career and the industry she is in. And obviously her coworkers felt the same way as she received a standing ovation when she took the stage.

“I really want to think all my colleagues, my friends. I look out here and I see my life before my eyes, my old friends, my new friends. Really, this is such a great honor but the think that counts the most with me is the friendship and the love and the sheer job we’ve shared making moves together.”

The only odd thing in Meryl’s speech (and even the great Meryl may have been overwhelmed as nominees tend to do) was when she said, “I really understand I’ll never be up here again.” I seriously doubt that we won’t see Meryl up there again. Nothing can slow down the great Meryl Streep.

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