The 8 Worst Ways To Announce Your Job Change To Your Peers

Quitting your job can be a lot of fun. Let’s all admit it. It’s a chance to move in a new direction with your career. It’s often to a step up from your current position. As long as you aren’t storming out in a wave of controversy, there are some things to enjoy about the career transition.

But that doesn’t make it any easier to talk to your peers and co-workers about your decision to leave. In fact, it can be seriously stressful to pack up and leave a company where you’ve formed close emotional ties.

Recently, I said goodbye to an employer that I cared about very much. I loved my work with that company. I had grown a lot during my tenure there and moved up in the organization steadily. It was difficult to say goodbye.

As I worried over how much notice to give, who to tell when and how to share the news with people outside of the organization, I got plenty of advice from my friends and peers. The general consensus was to focus on the fun and not worry about the organizing or training that needed to go on. After all, that’s not my problem anymore.

People questioned why I would give more than two week’s notice, or why I would offer to come back at the end of the quarter to help with processes that I wasn’t able to train anyone on. I was surprised that so many people just expected me to throw a little party and walk out the door without a care in the world.

So I decided to compile a lot of the bad advice I received. Here’s how not to say goodbye to your employer.

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