• Mon, Feb 27 2012

The Afternoon Grind: Having A Healthy Pregnancy Could Cost You Your Job

• Pregnant women carry an extra load in the workforce. (HuffPost Women)

• We probably could have predicted that Hawaii is the happiest state. (The Hairpin)

• The job search tool you should be using. (Daily Muse)

• How much sleep is enough? (YouBeauty)

• Do you ever get decision fatigue? (Divine Caroline)

• Amy Schrier wants to create a billion dollar company with MISSION.tv. (Women 2.0)

• In defense of screwed up female characters. (Double X)

• Rachel Maddow is not afraid to discuss vaginas on air. (The Frisky)

• Check out the Marni for H&M lookbook. (Budget Babe)

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  • http://www.theworldofbabies.co.uk/compare_maternity-wear.html

    Having any sort of pregnancy can and does cost jobs