Video: Well, At Least HBO Thinks A Woman Could Be Vice President

Leave it to HBO to rewrite history. Well it is HBO, not television. This network is all about the female politicians right now and strong women in general (look out for Lea Dunham’s Girls later this spring.) First they have Game Change coming out in March depicts howJohn McCain’s (played by Ed Harris) team picked the former Alaska governor and then subsequently, had second thoughts about it when Palin (Julianne Moore) seemed to fold under pressure. The book of the same name on which the movie is based is about the entire 2008 election, but the filmmakers — who also produced the Left-leaning HBO movie Recount — chose to focus on the Palin/McCain part of the book. But for something a little lighter and perhaps even more important because this woman actually won an election, it is rolling out a new show called Veep which is about the daily life of a female Vice President starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

The always talented and hilarious Louis-Dreyfuss plays Selina Meyer, a former senator who finds herself as second-in-command of the United States. It’s a position nothing like she thought it would be — the president is nowhere to be found, her speeches get redacted, leaving her with nothing but prepositions to recite, and she’s somehow always running down halls. ”She doesn’t have a phony set of ideals,” the former Seinfeld star said. “But she wants to stay alive as a political animal.” Though the show will be on the funnier, lighter side it will be a little reminiscent of The West Wing. We also don’t know what political party Meyer is supposed to represent.

But if you are expecting the show to focus on the glamor of such a powerful position, think again.  ”For me there was something in that role that had comic potential — not the comedy you would initially think about,” creator and executive producer Armando Iannucci said. “The thing about it is your so near and yet so far. You’re so close to power and yet your removed from it. Your identity is entirely in the web of the President. If he likes you, he’ll give you power. [The vice president] is not in control of [his or her] own destiny.”

Watch the hilarious trailer below:


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