The Afternoon Grind: Discrimination Against Pregnant Women

• Pregnant women are discriminated against; forced to carry a heavier load in the workplace (HuffPost Women)

• Why women leave tech jobs, and how to get them to stay (Women 2.0)

• Seems like there’s a correlation between being wealthy and being wanton (The Frisky)

• Here’s some motivation to get you moving on that project you haven’t checked off your New Year’s Resolution list yet (The Hairpin)

• The person decision makers love to hire. (Divine Caroline)

• How young is too young for gifted and talented programs? (Double X)

• How to be happier in just two steps (YourTango)

• Sexual health symptoms not to ignore. (Daily Muse)

• The most expensive drink at Starbucks. (The Stir)

• Is a little crush a big deal? (YouBeauty)

• Get this Michelle Obama inspired look. (Budget Babe)

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