How To Market Yourself Online In 5 Easy Steps

On March 8 we’ll be featuring Nicole Williams, an expert on marketing your personal brand through social media sites like LinkedIn, in our second Career Connect interactive seminar series. If you can’t participate and watch our series live, you can get access and watch any time you want. Learn more here.

Dating and job hunting are actually quite similar; they are both difficult areas to navigate and require a lot of know-how when it comes to marketing yourself. According to LinkedIn’s Connection Director Nicole Williams, the best way to find a job or new opportunity is via your network:

“Your mom raves about the “great gal” she met in her virtual book club who is absolutely perfect for you …not so much. Your best friend who is dating his own super model turned inventor of the snuggie…more like it. The first step is to make sure you’re connected to the kind of people who reflect not only who you are but who you aspire to be. And then ask for them to help set you up. When it comes to getting what we want in either our personal or professional life there is nothing like the power of a solid recommendation and LinkedIn makes it easier than ever.”

Professional tools like LinkedIn make searching for a job and changing careers easier than ever. Interested in applying for a job at XYZ company? You can follow the company and track statistics that reveal what it’s like to work there. Or you could see if you have any connections to people already working there. Relationships matter and are a big way people find jobs today.

To learn these secrets of marketing yourself online, you could spend up to $1,000 on a career counselor or executive coach. But for only $10, you can get professional advice on how to market your personal brand online from Williams with TheGrindstone’s Career Connect webinars. During our second Career Changers session on March 8, Williams will teach you how to market your resume, both online and offline.

Williams is the bestselling author of three books, the latest of which, Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success, has been optioned for a feature film. The company she founded, WORKS by Nicole Williams, is the go-to resource for career-minded young women and was named one of Forbes magazine’s Top 10 Career Websites for Women. You’ve also seen her on TV — as a regular guest on Today, Good Morning America, and CNN — and in print, on the pages of ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire and the Wall Street Journal.

And here’s some even better news about Williams’ seminar next week: while she is helping you rebrand yourself and find a new career, she may even be able to get you a date! She found so many similarities between job hunting and dating, she wrote a book about it! “Not unlike the online dating world, the best place to start is not with you, but with whom you are attempting to attract. Of all the great talents and interests you have, the only ones the potential employer or client cares about are those that are going to benefit her business, ” Williams said.

Williams has been an excellent resource for TheGrindstone on how to market yourself, find a date and a job and how to be a strong woman in business. And now she is available to help advise you on major career strategies. But she’s not alone. After her session on March 8, we’ll be welcoming  NurturMe founders Caroline Freedman and Lauren McCullough, entrepreneurs who have made a successful career transition themselves on March 15. These women will each be speaking during one-hour seminars at 12:30 p.m. EST.

If you can’t take an hour in the middle of the day to participate, you can purchase access to the sessions and rewatch them at your leisure. Each session is only $10, or you can purchase all three for $20. Sign up now for great advice on how to change careers from women in-the-know.

And make sure to let us know what questions you’d like addressed in the sessions. Email any of your questions to career(at)

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