10 Ways To Answer The Most Annoying Job Interview Question Ever

Job interviews can be great but they can also be a pain in the butt. And the question that is perhaps the biggest pain is the “What are your weaknesses?” This question is so annoying and seems like a trap. However, if you play it correctly, this question can help you. Full Tilt Consulting’s Jessica Farley said, “The “weakness” question that often is asked during an interview is cliché, however it can open up candidates in revealing ways. My best advice is for candidates to anticipate that question before the interview.” Roy Cohen, author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide, said “What is your greatest weakness?” doesn’t have to be a tough question. “It is all a matter of perspective and understanding why it is being asked. It is generally intended to get to know you better, to see if you are appropriate, and to determine if you will fit in. The interviewer is not a psychotherapist. I can assure you, she does not want to know – or have an interest in – your deepest and darkest secrets.” We talked to some experts on the best way to answer the most annoying job interview question.

Photo: CWA Studios/Shutterstock.com

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