10 Businesses Perfect For Rush Limbaugh’s Advertising Rebound

It’s a rough week for Rush Limbaugh. After his disgusting comments about Sandra Fluke led to waves of public outcry, Rush’s radio program began to lose sponsors and advertisers like it was going out of style. At last count, 42 companies have dropped the conservative talk radio host, trying to distance themselves from his particular brand of misogyny.

And it’s not just his advertisers! Musicians like Fabulous Thunderbirds have asked Limbaugh to stop playing their music on his show. The radio stations that carry his program have decided to stop playing the show. All in all, it’s a pretty abysmal round of PR for shock jock.

Never fear! Someone is coming in on their white horse to save the day for Rush! Ashley Madison, the website that encourages married people to cheat and gives them a forum to find discreet partners, has decided that the Limbaugh program is the perfect home for them.

I suppose it’s just another lesson to learn in business. While respectable companies like Netflix and AOL want to stay from the negative press and questionable morals of a man who would request that a young woman share videos of her sexual encounters online because she dared to suggest that health plans should cover birth control, there are other less-respectable companies that might like that type of attention. After all, it’s a decent wager that the type of listeners who are okay with calling a woman a “slut” might value women so little, that they would break their marriage to vows to them.

If that is Limbaugh’s audience, it seems like a pretty good fit. In fact, I can think of a couple other companies and advertisements that might belong on the type of program that calls a woman a prostitute because she wants to be responsible in her sexual choices.

Here are some other ads and businesses that might work out nicely for Limbaugh. I’m sure his marketing team has plenty of time on their hands right now to start wooing new sponsors.

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