The Afternoon Grind:Salary and The World

•Do gorgeous people earn a higher salary? (savvysugar)

• Best beauty buys to splurge on for spring. (Divine Caroline)

• Invent your future conference. (Women 2.0)

• The latest video craze: The cinnamon challenge. (The Stir)

• Reading list for learning about the world. (The Hairpin)

• How to rock a blazer and a bright colored skirt. (Budget Babe)

• Could Sarah Palin be right about Game Change? (Double X)

• Give women the right not to choose. (HuffPost Women)

• Do we get smarter in love as we age? (YourTango)

• Must-have apps for SXSW. (Daily Muse)

• Raw and uncensored: food porn. (The Frisky)

• The cure for a know-it-all. (YouBeauty)


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