Is Bethenny Frankel’s Being ‘Too Skinny’ Just Part Of Her Brand?

Bethenny ‘s $120 million empirewhich now include cleanses, skincare, workout clothing, multiple advice books in addition to her signature low-cal alcohols are all about promoting a healthier lifestyle. It is part of Bethenny’s job to be fit and in shape. And, hey, if you are going to call your products Skinny then you sure as hell don’t want to be overweight but could looking unhealthily frail hurt her brand?

According to a new poll conducted by Wetpaint Entertainment, it seems that about a third of viewers find that her body is too skinny. Viewers said Bethenny could use some more body fat here and there, mostly so her bones don’t stick out. However, nobody thinks that she is fine the way it is, which is always good considering women look up to her. However, two thirds of the votes go in the direction that as long as Bethenny Frankel is happy, then who cares about her weight.

And, like everything else, Bethenny is very honest about the fact that she knows it may not be good to look this way. Last spring she said,  “I’m too thin. Because I’m so busy, I’m not always hungry. I have to make myself eat more because of my busy schedule.” As we have discussed, it is Bethenny’s candidness and honesty that has helped her to identify so well with her audience and made her a success. APA’s Brian Dow told Casserly, “Bethenny’s vision of who she is on- and off-camera is extremely consistent. It’s never changed,” he said. “Women, and especially moms identify with Bethenny very strongly because they are able to watch all of her ups and downs on camera—and that relationship is obviously very valuable.”

Being too busy to have a balanced diet is probably faced by a lot of working moms and just working women in general. According to The Daily Mail, ”stressorexia” is occurs in older, motivated and intelligent women with high expectations. It is believed that the disorder may often start with a skipped lunch due to work deadlines but can quickly worsen. These women develop this condition because they live in a world where the lines between the sexes’ traditional roles have been blurred, then begin to feel that food is the only thing they can control.

This isn’t a healthy ideal but because Bethenny is honest about her weight struggles it isn’t hurting her brand. Being honest is consistent with the Skinnygirl brand.

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