Video: Meryl Streep Brings Out Her Oscar To Introduce “The Real Deal” Hillary Clinton

This week at the Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s third annual Women in the World SummitMeryl Streep introduced Hillary Clinton. As always, Meryl Streep’s introduction was amazing and meaningful. “We women look very hard at each other. We can be hard at each other but we really look so deeply because we want inspiration. Here’s what happens when I compare myself to Hillary Clinton which every living, American woman has done at one point or another.” She then went on to list all their similarities (which there were quite a few) but then at grad school (both at Yale), she said the paths diverged. She then went on to list many of Hillary’s amazing accomplishments, including just being a role model. That is a not an easy job she said. “It’s representing for all women our very best selves. It’s an enormous burden to be placed on any pair of sweetly rounded shoulders,” said Streep. But the best part was when Meryl brought out the Oscar she won for Best Actress for playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady less than a month ago. “This is what you get when you play a world leader. But if you want a real world leader, and you’re really really lucky, this is what you get,” she said. Cue Hillary Clinton.

After thanking Streep for her glowing introduction, Clinton addressed the eager crowd. “We do, unfortunately, throughout our lives as girls and women, often cast an appraising eye,” she said. “I’m just glad [Meryl] didn’t do a movie called The Devil Wears Pantsuits!” But it was Streep who pointed out that incessant skepticism of Clinton, largely because of her gender, hasn’t held her back. “While we were busy relating to [Hillary], judging her, assessing her hair, supporting her, worrying about her, she’s just been busy working. Doing it,” she said. “Making [the] words ‘Women’s rights are human rights’ into something every leader knows is a linchpin of American policy.” ”I am an actress,” Streep said. “And she is the real deal.” Now, of course, the will Meryl play Hillary in a movie rumors are swarming but if anybody can take on Hillary, it is Meryl.

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