The ‘Kate Middleton Fashion Effect’ Is A Machine

The ‘Kate Middleton fashion effect’ has done it again. She has boosted sales for dresses, hats and pantyhose and now she has hit the biggest spring trend: bright colored skinny jeans. On a trip to the Olympic Park in the UKthis week she sported a pair of coral colored skinny pants. Sales of the bright-hue denim increased 88% in a matter of hours.  Even though she was wearing a pair of JBrand jeans, her outfit prompted sales of  jeans at the brand Asda to soar and George, another brand,  has seen a massive uplift of 471% in sales of their colored denim range as other celebrities are spotted sporting the bright denim trend this season. ”Wearing bright colours lifts us all and now we have the royal seal of approval for colored denim from Kate Middleton,” says a fashion expert from one of the lucky stores, carrying a knockoff of Kate’s choice (for about $20). “We know this is going to be the hot trend this summer.”

Even though celebrities have been sporting this trend for months (hello Jessica Alba) when Kate wears it, it brings the trend mainstream. Kate wore an expensive version of this popular style of pants but because of her massive appeal and popularity the trend is going to trickle down and help smaller brands. Copying celebrity style is something we’ve always done: the difference is that the internet gives you instant access to that must-have item,” said Karen Richards, principal retail consultant at Penna, which advises many prominent retailers in an interview with the Financial Times. “Before, you’d have to plan to go to the store to see if you could get that item. From an e-commerce perspective, it’s fabulous.” For example, when Kate wore a Burberry trench coat earlier this year the item sold out instantly on the retailer’s website. Her blue dress by designer Issa that she wore during the engagement announcement sold out at Harvey Nichols within 24 hours. “Chains like Zara, Reiss, Talbots and Topshop cater to a taste for replicKates, as bloggers have called them: pert shirtwaists, lace sheaths and primly tailored coatdresses,” wrote New York Timesreporter Ruth La Ferla. And now skinny colored jeans can be added to the list.


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