Study Shows Women Are Going To Outearn Men In 25 Years, They Just Won’t Be Married

According to new research, the future is looking very good for women. New data shows that over the next few decades, professions like law, medicine and veterinary medicine will be predominantly run by women and therefore they will take home more money than their male peers. In U.S. cities, single women in their twenties with no children, on average make more than men, according to Time Magazine and this trend is expected to continue. So women will be outlearning men they just may have to be not married to do it?

This data outlook and its impact on society is the subject of Liza Mundy’s new book The Richer Sex. She wrote: “Almost 40% of working wives out-earn their husbands’ – and this number was rising. But Mundy focuses on the fact that a lot of these women who will be making more money will not be married. The greatest changes for women have been their gains in education and in the workforce – which has resulted in people marrying later. According to a 2011 study, titled “Women in America: Indicators Of Social And Economic Well-Being” college-educated women get married on average around the age of 30, compared with 26 for women who don’t go to college. The proportion of women who are married has dropped from 72% in 1970 to 62% in 2009. However Mundy’s research has found that marriage rates for women in high-income brackets were on the rise as opposed to low-earners.

We knew women’s careers were changing their approach to marriage but we didn’t have evidence that it was going to actually result in us earning more money. But as Kate Bolick pointed out in her acclaimed Atlantic cover article, Women don’t need husbands in the way that they used to which could be a major factor as to why the number of single adults rose to 50%  in 2010, compared to 33% in 1950, according to census data. And, Bolick writes, “according to the Pew Research Center, a full 44% of Millennials and 43%of Gen Xers think that marriage is becoming obsolete.”   We earn our own money now while 50 years ago, that really wasn’t possible. And we actually don’t even men to have children now with the amazing invention of IVF. But a lot of women of course do want to get married but they aren’t approaching it like generations before them did. Bolick talks about the fact that women don’t need to “marry up” like they used to. Now women are the “up.” Women may also be looking at men differently now because they don’t have to just think “Does this person have good reproductive potential?”

But though Mundy and this study show a very positive outlook for the future but we still get other studies showing us that despite our progress in education it will be 98 years before men and women are making the same salary at the senior level in the UK. And in the U.S. in 2009 women earned about 75% as much as male counterparts at all levels of education. Among 25- to 34-year-olds, the ratio of women’s earnings to men’s earnings rose to 89% in 2009 from 68% in 1979, while for 45- to 54-year-olds the ratio gained to 74% from 57%. Obviously this is still an issue up for debate.

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