What We Can Learn From Rosie O’Donnell’s Latest Career Flame-Out

In another depressing bit of news for the Queen of Media’s struggling cable station, the OWN network has announced that it’s cancelling the much-buzzed-about Rosie Show after just six months on air. After horrible ratings and an ever-evoloving format, Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah Winfrey have ended their collaboration, proving that talent isn’t all it takes to make it in the entertainment industry.

By all accounts, this show should’ve worked. Rosie is obviously capable of running a successful program, since her previous daytime show last for six years. Oprah is Oprah. Even with a failing network, we still know never to count Miss O out.

And yet, here they are, ending Rosie’s contract a year and a half early. Some of the issues with the program are sure to stem from the actual structural issues at OWN. The entire network is suffering from measly rating and burnt out viewers. There’s only so many times we can try to find our bliss, guys.

However, there is still plenty to learn from the Rosie Show itself. Based on accounts from it’s frequently changing staff, the program was a horror to work for. It lacked consistency and leadership. Here are some specific cues that we all can take from the outgoing show.

(Photo: Time Out Chicago)

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