6 Horror Work Presentation Stories That Will Humiliate You

US Senate Candidate Mark Neumann had an awesome idea to help liven up his press conference. He decided to bring a 10-month-old pig named Mr. Favors along with him. Ya know, to show how he opposes Washington-style pork. Clever, right?

Except apparently Mr. Neumann doesn’t know pigs very well, which is surprising for someone from the Midwest. I guess he didn’t realize that pigs squeal, especially when they’re nervous. Nerves are probably pretty common when a small animal is surrounded by cameras and reporters. (They get stage-fright.)

What can we learn here? Know your props!

That’s right, business people everywhere have presentations and press conferences to make. And one of the biggest gaffe-inducers is unfamiliar or uncontrollable props.

In response to this very humorous presentation problem, we decided to put together some business meeting and press conference horror stories. Who doesn’t love some really bad examples to prove a point of what you shouldn’t do? Or maybe you just want to commiserate. Be sure to share your story with us in the comments.

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