9 Things That Supposedly Disqualify You From Being A Feminist

Is wearing high heels a betrayal of feminism? Jennifer Moses of the Chicago Tribune writes this week that choosing heels as opposed to comfy flats is all wrong. It’s self-sabotage! It’s regressive! “It strikes me as bizarre that in the aftermath of feminism, American women, who are perhaps the most liberated women in the history of humanity, choose, of our own free wills, to cripple ourselves,” Moses writes. “It’s almost as if the successes of feminism to liberate women to pursue professional and academic satisfaction was so heady that we decided to hinder our own foot forward in the most literal way possible. We women talk the talk, but apparently some of us would rather not walk the walk.” Oh, SIGH. I guess we have to add high heels to pile of beliefs and behaviors that can disqualify a lady from being a good feminist. For those of you keeping track at home, here are 8 other feminism fouls.

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