The Morning Grind: Male Coworkers And Your Blog

• Ways to prevent a UTI. (YouBeauty)

• Jon Hamm says the darndest things. (Divine Caroline)

• How to turn your blogging hobby into a job. (Daily Muse)

• Do you have this disease? (YourTango)

• Inside the mind of a male coworker. (HuffPost Women)

• Why you should become a company CEO. (Women 2.0)

• Would you give your employer your Facebook password? (The Stir)

• Ways to banish negative thoughts. (savvysugar)

• Get this Katie Holmes inspired look. (Budget Babe)

• Did Dahrun Ravi really commit a hate crime? (Double X)

• Things science says guys love. (The Frisky)

• The disturbing world of British TV commercials. (The Hairpin)

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