Video: Sheryl Sandberg Says ‘Don’t Make Sacrifices Now For Children You Don’t Have Yet’

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is at it again in a new video for 5min Life Videopedia. And by at it again, I mean giving women career guidance. She is telling the story of how she often sees young women leaving their careers before they really need to leave. This is one of the reasons Sheryl thinks there is a stalled revolution for women at the top of their careers. She said though there has been major progress with more and more women graduating from college, law school and business school and more women getting entry and managerial jobs, we have stalled at the very top of corporate America.

Her suggestion? “Women need to start out their careers with the assumption that they are going to stay in,” she said. Even if later on they do drop out for personal reasons, you shouldn’t go into your career thinking you will. “When you’re in the law firm don’t think don’t even know if I want to be a partner because I might want kids someday. No. Just assume you want to be a partner. Keep your foot on the gas pedal,” said Sheryl. You have to assume you are going to stay  in so you can have the option of staying in later on. “We need to get women to start out aiming big and staying in.” Watch the video below and a few more videos from Sheryl

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      Sheryl Sandberg is starting important discussions, and she has the clout to get the conversation going. Some thoughts I’ve been having on her role at Facebook appear in a new posting called “Sex, War and o Boardrooms: Sheryl Sandberg as a modern day Lysistrata” at