See Why Google Employees Like Their Jobs Better Than Facebook Employees

According to a new infographic from career and workplace community site Glassdoor, Google employees are a little bit happier than their peers over at Facebook. The report revealed that 92% of Facebook employees approve of how CEO Mark Zuckerberg is leading the company, while 94% of Google employees are satisfied with Google CEO Larry Page. Glassdoor also divulged average salary data for software engineers at both companies. Facebook pays its software engineers a base salary of $110,874, with a cash bonus of $13,781. Google’s base salary is slightly lower at $103,228 but it comes with a higher average bonus of $18,117. Both companies love to talk about food, the perks and the benefits. However, Google employees are more likely (7%) to complain about the salary and company politics (6%) compared to Facebook employees, who are more likely to talk about the long hours and work/life balance (7%). The main point is either of these companies would be awesome to work for a variety of reasons.

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