The Afternoon Grind: How To Be Productive And Budget

• Books about real murders. (The Hairpin)

• The biggest reasons you get dumped. (Divine Caroline)

• History matters in understanding the war on women. (Double X)

• Get this look for spring. (Budget Babe)

• A savings guide for every day of the week. (savvysugar)

• Could this turn you into a sex kitten? (The Stir)

• How to be productive on a startup schedule. (Women 2.0)

• Does birth control access boost women’s pay? (HuffPost Women)

• Ways laughter can improve our sex life. (YourTango)

• Finding the right co-founder. (Daily Muse)

• why to be jealous of Zooey Deschanel. (The Frisky)

• The benefits of touch. (YouBeauty)

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