10 De-Stressing Tips Inspired By This JetBlue Pilot’s Breakdown

JetBlue Pilot breakdownFlying a plane has to come with plenty of pressure. All those lives are in your hands as you soar up above the clouds. It’s enough to make anyone a little stressed. Or very, very intensely stressed.

In what had to be a truly terrifying experience for the passengers and crew, a JetBlue pilot seemed to suffer from a midair breakdown on the way to Las Vegas from New York City. The captain started behaving erratically in the cockpit and was soon locked out by his co-pilot to keep him from putting the flight in danger. Authorities are now saying that Captain Clay Osbon, who is 49 years old, suffered from a panic attack.

This scary incident is sure to have media outlets talking about the difficult hours and tremendous stress that we place on those who are flying our skies. It will shine a light on a profession that most of us prefer to look at through rose-colored glasses. We want to imagine that our pilots are god-like creatures who exude calmness, dependability and of course, mental stability.

But even if it’s their job to get people safely through the air at 4,000 feet, pilots are still human. Just like all of us, the stress can get to be a little unbearable. Here are some quick de-stressing tips that your next big presentation doesn’t end up like flight 191.

(Photos: Thinkstock & ABC)

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