Women 70 Pounds Below The Average Weight Have A Better Chance Of Earning More Money

According to a new and really disturbing infographic from OnlineMBA, beautiful people come out on top once again. Even though some companies’ HR departments are discriminating against hot women, this chart shows that once they get a job (and they will), they will be just fine.

The chart shows that women who are 70 pounds under average weight get paid the most ($62,500.) 70 pounds? That’s like two Suri Cruises! For men, this is the opposite. The smaller and skinnier you are the less money you will make. A man who is 70 pounds over the average weight will make more money. In the end, beautiful people will make $230,000 more over the course of their lifetimes. My goodness. Maybe the Kardashians had it right all along.

We had known from other studies that makeup can make a woman seem more competent and attractive people do tend to make more money but this weight issue is especially disturbing. What is interesting is that this study points out that people who are more attractive may have had a better upbringing because their parents were more attentive (less attractive children don’t deserve to be buckled into a shopping cart apparently) and teachers were less likely to scold them. Oh this just gets worse and worse.




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    • LCT

      I’m not sure why this is surprising. It’s true even from an evolutionary standpoint too–the males with better plumage/coloring get the mates, throughout the animal kingdom.

    • Eileen

      I feel like this has to be skewed. The average woman weighs something like 150, right? How many 80-pound adult women are there??

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    • Orchid

      I cant stop laughing because my weight would be 35 pounds hahaha lol hahahah I think this is only sarcasm or it should mean something else like “70 pounds below the average american woman weight” that would make so much more sense than it does now

      • Di

        If I were 70 pounds under, I would be death. If you are already slender, what does this mean? Also, for me it is true – I believe that better looking well kept women make more. I have been making 6 figures for a several years, but I wear very little makeup. When I worked for others and searching for a job, I had 100% callback as the lead person that would be hired, out of that I got the job 90% of the time.

    • jttr