The Afternoon Grind: Early-Stage Startups And Fulfillment

• Hail Tusila, the female boss. (The Hairpin)

• Things only pregnant women can get away with. (Divine Caroline)

• 90′s pro-choice style back again. (Double X)

• Is Facebook finally adding a dislike button? (The Stir)

• Disposable products you can reuse. (Double X)

• Get this denim look for Spring. (Budget Babe)

• How to structure your early-stage startup. (Women 2.0)

• Are women still being condemned for their sexuality? (HuffPost Women)

• Nude dresses with pops of color. (The Frisky)

• Video clips that describe your work day. (Daily Muse)

• Life lessons for finding fulfillment. (YourTango)

• How to add years to your life. (YouBeauty)

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