10 Expert Tips On How To Pay Down Your Student Loan Debt

The cost for education in this country is skyrocketing and families are compensating by taking on more and more student loans. In fact, some parents start borrowing while their children are still in kindergarten. And some students leave their universities with shiny new degrees and six-figure debt hanging over their heads.

Americans have over $1 trillion in student loan debt. It’s an astonishing figure. Here at The Grindstone, 67.5% of our readers are still paying off their student loans. And we’ve heard stories about young professionals choosing their jobs strictly because of the debt they’ve incurred.

I think it’s pretty clear that debt is an issue and it’s one most of us are concerned with.

So we decided to reach out to some of the best financial advisers we know and ask for a little help on how to pay down those loans. They gave us insight into the loan process itself, the mentality we need to have to approach these topics and plenty of sound financial wisdom that you can take into every area of your personal finances.

Let us know if you have more financial questions that you’re looking for answers to and definitely check out the links to our sources for more information!

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    • Kim @ Money and Risk

      Lindsay, great coverage on the student debt situation. Thank you for including us.

      The defaults on the student debts affects all of us as taxpayers because we’re paying for the losses with our tax dollars. I used to see many business borrowers that have student debts on their credit reports. When someone is making $100-$500K a year, there is no excuse for not paying off your debt.

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