The Afternoon Grind: Finding Love and Programming

• Lessons from Loveline. (The Hairpin)

• Get this Jessica Alba inspired look. (Budget Babe)

• Contraception crisis averted in Airizona. (Double X)

• Does reducing your accent increase your chances of success? (Divine Caroline)

• Is your career keeping you from finding love? (savvysugar)

• Ways to stick with your dreams. (HuffPost Women)

• Resources for learning programming. (Women 2.0)

• Celebrity moms to follow on Pinterest. (The Stir)

• Can feet be sexy? (YourTang0)

• Funny feeds to follow on Twitter. (Daily Muse)

• Supposedly legitimate reasons we cheat. (TheFrisky)

• Are blunt bangs for you? (YouBeauty)

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