With Sarah Palin Snipe, Matt Lauer Proves To Be A Horrible Co-Worker

No matter what your political leanings are, I think we can all agree that Sarah Palin has proven that she has a place in the entertainment industry. With her book tours, social media presence and yes, television appearances, Palin has cemented herself as a pop culture icon and talking head staple. I mean, the woman has experience as a sportscaster and she’s been employed by Fox for quite a while now.

While the former-governor might not entice me to turn on The Today Show this week, it’s not like NBC was completely off-the-wall when they decided to bring in the Original Rogue to co-anchor the morning show. I respect this woman’s career as a political commentator and a television personality, even if I don’t agree with her politics. At all. Like not even a little.

If someone who vehemently disagree with this woman can be accepting of Palin on The Today Show, you would expect that her co-workers over at NBC could at least be civil with her, right? I guess that would make you just as naive as me.

Today, Matt Lauer took a particularly vicious swipe at the Republican politician before her appearance on the show tomorrow. While doing a teaser interview about what Palin has in store for her turn as co-host, Lauer asked, “What are you doing to prepare? Are you reading some newspapers?”

Talk about creating a hostile work environment! The jab was obviously meant to bring up Palin’s disastrous interview with former-Today-host Katie Couric, who in an odd turn of events is hosting Good Morning America this week in direct competition with Palin and Lauer at The Today Show.

Palin didn’t miss the swipe or the underlying insult, responding, “Ok, that’s a fine ‘how do you do.” By the way, she handled that a lot better than I might have. The comment was obviously meant to make Palin look ignorant and remind everyone of a particularly embarrassing moment for the hockey mom from Alaska.

This little bit of snark comes closely after insinuations that Lauer is forcing Ann Curry out at the morning show they co-host. Gawker and Mediaite both posited that part of Lauer’s new $8 million deal with the network included ousting Curry from her position because the two don’t get along.

Add these two situations together and it looks like Lauer might be the one whose difficult to get along with. One thing is for sure, that sunny stage might not be quite so cheerful tomorrow once Palin shows up. She’s proven that she doesn’t respond well to insults and that she’s fully capable of striking back at those who choose to attack her.

Also, a small part of me wonders if Lauer would’ve taken such a swipe at Mike Huckabee or Al Gore if they chose to help out at NBC one morning? Would he make demeaning comments to male politicians-turned-pundits or are those reserved for little women who can be talked down to?

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    • fig

      I usually agree with you Lindsay, but I think Matt has every right to playfully tease Palin about her interview with Katie.

      Couric and Lauer were coworkers for years, and Palin TRASHED Couric in the aftermath of that interview. She said, “It was quite obvious that it was going to be an annoying interview,” and that her response was the result of “my inexperience with having to deal with a badgering, condescending line of questioning”. (On Oreilly, Nov 19, 2009)
      And, ” I said this is the problem with the state of journalism today — no matter what I say to her, it will be twisted and perceived as negative … her agenda was to not show me in the best light. If people only know me from that interview, I don’t blame them for thinking I was not qualified, ill prepared.” (On Oprah, Nov 16, 2009)

      Palin brought the nasty first. She really brought the nasty to politics in 2008, and has continued in that vein ever since. If she can’t take a little joke, that’s her problem. She shouldn’t have thrown the first punch if she didn’t want a fight.

      Furthermore, someone so mired in the swamp of partisan distortion (I would say the same of similar figures on the left like Michael Moore) don’t deserve a seat at the forefront of the world of journalism. They belong in the opinion pages and as a talking head. She has no business hosting a show like Today. Let her step in for Huckabee or Hannity. Don’t let her sub for someone who’s an actual journalist. It lends false credence to the idea that she is non-partisan.

    • Christina K.

      “The comment was obviously meant to make Palin look ignorant.”

      Well, it doesn’t take much, which is exactly why she shouldn’t be a host. She can be a guest if absolutely necessary, but never anything more than that on a mainstream “news” show. Don’t give credibility to her crazy and provide the soapbox for her to recruit more mindless minions!

      Totally agree with Fig – right on with your assessment of this situation.

    • Chili Dogg

      fig, as for the idea that Palin is non-partisan, she has partisan views and she is up front about her views. It’s folks like Lauer and Couric who are pretending to be non-partisan, but it’s obvious where they’re coming from.

      You said Palin “TRASHED” Couric after the interview. Why do you say “TRASHED” instead of “criticized”? That’s hyperbole. What in Palin’s quote is incorrect, by the way? Couric was out to make her look bad.

      You write ” If she can’t take a little joke, that’s her problem.” Why do you say that? Palin handled the jab very gracefully, so she CAN take a little joke. What’s your point?

      BTW, before you attack me personally, I gotta let you know I am no Palin fan, and I did not vote for her in 2008. Now, attack away!

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    • Beth Manix

      She does have a Journalism Degree–Matt Lauer is a PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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